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Contract Law / Civil and Commercial Leases

We exercise before the Commercial Court and the Court of Justice the actions allowing to resolve your commercial and financial disputes.

We assist our clients in contract law and civil and commercial lease law disputes, in particular when:

  • Drafting of commercial leases, derogatory leases or assistance with drafting

  • Drafting of lease renewal riders

  • Nullity of clauses and interpretation

  • Annual, triennial, legal or conventional review

  • Issue of lease renewal requests

  • Response to leave or lease renewal requests

  • Disputes relating to the fixing of rent during the renewal of the commercial lease

  • Litigation relating to the revision of commercial rent during the lease

  • Refusal to renew the lease

  • Issuance of leave with or without an offer to renew a lease

  • Assistance before the Commercial Leases Commission

  • Drafting of briefs before referral to the Rent Judge

  • Procedure before the Rent Judge

  • Assistance in determining rental value

  • Consulting, rental value strategy and foreclosure compensation

  • Procedure for fixing eviction compensation

  • Lease termination and eviction procedures for breach of lease obligations

  • Strategic negotiation of the content of the lease

  • Dispute lease litigation

  • Implementation negotiation and strategy

  • Procedure before the Commission for the conciliation of commercial leases

  • Brief before the Rent Judge

  • Summons and memorial before the Rent Judge

  • Assistance to amicable and judicial expertise in fixing the rental value, the occupancy allowance or the eviction allowance; expertise relating to the condition of civil and commercial premises

  • Representation of the lessor in transfers of goodwill or transfers of leasehold rights

  • Representation of the lessor within the framework of a collective procedure of its tenant (Safeguard, Recovery or Judicial liquidation),

  • Summons to the Court of Justice to fix the eviction indemnity or conclusions in response

  • Assistance to amicable or judicial expert opinions

  • Procedure for interim measures or proceedings relating to housing leases

  • Advice, assistance and support for companies in the negotiation and conclusion of leases or lease renewals

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