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Operations & Real Estate Financing

The Law Firm Berthet acts as Attorney in Real Estate Transactions for your future projects.


Real Estate is the underlying asset of many companies in a wide range of sectors:

  • Office buildings of all types (tower, skyscrapers, campus, etc.)

  • Commercial assets (large shopping centers, hyper / supermarkets, convenience stores, on foot of building, department stores, etc.)

  • Hotels and Residences

  • Educational institutions

  • Car parks, Toll stations, Railway stations

  • Sea ports, Yachting

  • High-rise building, institution receiving from the public

  • Logistics, oil and industrial platforms

  • Factories

  • Leisure centers, amusement parks

  • Agricultural, forestry and wine-growing

  • Health centers, fitness centers

  • Wind farms, solar

The purchase and sale of real estate for investment purposes has become more complex and is often structured in a sophisticated way, with cross-border elements. Global investors, developers and construction companies, investment funds, sovereign wealth funds and financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, etc.) regularly call on our services to advise them on their vastest and the most audacious real estate deals.​

Cross-border experience and in-depth knowledge of this industry give us a significant competitive advantage. Because they are demanding, our clients, whether local or international, confidently entrust us with their real estate projects from their conception to their final realization, whether investment projects or development commercial real estate, real estate financing and the best tax, real estate funds, derivatives and structured finance as well as real estate litigation, environment and planning / zoning.


The Law Firm Berthet is at the forefront of new global business challenges, such as the creation of innovative structures around the world. Through a wide range of diverse, diversified and complex channels mechanisms, the Cabinet helps clients mitigate tax risks and costs and improve the return on their transactions. The Firm is also recognized for its leading expertise in structured and cross-border securitized real estate finance transactions.

  • Real estate transactions & Investments 

  • Real estate financing               

  • Landscaping - Building - Construction

  • Town Planning Law   

  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) - Government Procurement        

  • Leases              

  • Environment, Architecture, Habitat & Sustainable Development

  • Litigation and resolution of property disputes 

  • Property management             

  • Property tax      

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