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International Criminal Defense & Investigations

In this material, more than in any other, the presence of the Lawyer, as representative of the law, turns out essential beside the citizen, whether he is a natural person or a legal entity.

The Law Firm Berthet is permanently tuned in to its clients, that they are questioned, victims or simply implied, advises them, assists them, defends them and represents them to all the stages of the penal trial, in front of the repressive jurisdictions since the phase of instruction until the pleas in front of the formations of judgment (investigation, instruction, trial...) in the strict respect for the Code of criminal procedure by defending their most essential rights.

The Cabinet is also the privileged interlocutor of the business managers confronted with the penal implications of their managerial decisions in the common management of their company. It also intervenes upstream to any procedure to minimize the risk of penal responsibility of the acts of management of its clients: audits, implementation of systems of delegation of power, formation of the leaders…

  • International criminal law

  • International and European human rights law

  • General and special criminal law

  • Press criminal law

  • Criminal law of trading companies

  • Criminal tax law 

  • Stock-exchange criminal law            

  • Misuse of corporate assets 

  • Social criminal law

  • Banking criminal law              

  • Criminal law of competition and consumer affairs (class-actions etc...)

  • Medical criminal law       

  • Criminal law of the environment 

  • Accidents and manslaughter 

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