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Sports Law and Associations

The Office of Attorney Berthet intervenes as a Sports Attorney.


The Law Firm Berthet advises, assists and represents all the actors dedicated to the world of the sport (sportsmen, trainers, clubs, federations and sports associations, sponsors, sports agents, organizers of sportive events, regions with a measure of autonomy, establishments of physical and sports activities) on the whole territory.


The Cabinet intervenes regularly in the sector of the sport and spreads its skills as closely as possible to the concerns of the actors of the industry of the sport. It will claim to be able of accompanying them in the whole of their present projects and to come: infrastructures sportswomen, disputes, arbitration, sponsoring, merchandising, tax system of the sportsman, intellectual property and right broadcasting, securities investments, labor law, acquisitions.

The Cabinet also defends the interests of the participants of the sports sector in front of the national and international regular and sports authorities, as well as in the arbitration procedures.


Areas of intervention :

  • Sportsmen - Trainers

  • Clubs

  • Federations and sports associations

  • Companies of promotion of the sportsmen

  • Sports agents and regulations framing the profession

  • Sponsors

  • Organizers of sportive events

  • Special event management

  • Regions with a measure of autonomy

  • Establishments of physical and sports activities and developers of infrastructures

  • Marks - Internet - Intellectual property laws and of the broadcasting

  • Right in the image and the right to respect for private life

  • Advertising and public relations

  • Business law and sports contracts (commercial contracts)

  • Competition law and the distribution (calls for tenders, exclusivity, break ...)

  • Arbitration of the Sport and Conciliation

  • Tax law of the people, the companies and the non-profit bodies

  • Bank and investment

  • Labor law and of the Social Security

  • Right of the responsibility

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